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OpenBlockchain, the Hyperledger project, aims to promote the development of advanced applications Blockchain. The launch of OpenBlockchain continue the same trend Ethereum, where all projects and applications are possible through its platform, only that this time, will be on a larger scale. IBM seeks to attract serious investments that are interested in the Blockchain ecosystem.

With OpenBlockchain open to the public, it could make the resolution of many problems concerning the financial technology. Bitcoin has capitalized more than 10 in the midst of turbulent conditions in the global stock markets, a barrel of oil whose price has continued to fall and a community of producers who can not reach agreement as to their levels of production, coins, banks federal advertising wars interests negatives, and enormous volatility since beginning of year. What comes after OpenBlockchain is still in the air, but the fact that many information technology companies have moved to the ecosystem of the criptomonedas should inspire confidence. If only Blockchain technology was used for the crime, a company like IBM had never touched it, and would not be preparing for a world in which Blockchain becomes increasingly necessary.
These are the 10 strongest currencies today According to the professional, the dollar is not the best option in terms of investment because deposits currency will not provide a substantial income, but the pace of growth would justify the decision to save in US currency, "Kuptsikévich said in an interview the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta '. But the financier said that the dollar currently is the most stable currency.

Secondly the Swiss franc, which historically has the lowest inflation and growing in relation to its competitors is located. Thirdly, the Norwegian krone, especially because the country has an excellent pension savings system is located. The Norwegian currency followed the Canadian dollar and the Japanese yen. "By the pound bet in sixth place. It is able to become an attractive currency for investors in case of a new round of growth in the banking sector," Kuptsikévich said. The Australian dollar, meanwhile, lost a position against Britain, but could be strengthened significantly in the long term, due to links with the Chinese economy. The last three currencies in the list drawn up by the Russian economist are the euro, the Swedish krona and the Chinese yuan respectively. According Kuptsikévich, EU currency could devalue substantially over the next two years, while the Swedish money behaves quite predictably. The Chinese yuan, meanwhile, continue to interest investors, as "China's economic growth is consistently above inflation," ended the specialist.